When do nutritional supplements make sense?

… all too many people forget that supplements are not a panacea, but at best serve as a supplement to the diet. There are a few things that should be observed so that the intake of dietary supplements makes sense and does not pose a health risk.

… because in many cases there is no reason to take dietary supplements if you eat a balanced and healthy diet. The only exception: Vitamin D – a lot of people have a clear deficiency here – especially in the winter months.

… in some cases, however, taking nutritional supplements can also be very useful: for pregnant and breastfeeding women (folic acid and iodine), the chronically ill or high-performance athletes – but here too, the first step should be taken  know his current supply status.

… Conclusion: they are not called food for nothing COMPLEMENT Foods – nutrient-rich whole foods are and will remain the basis of a healthy diet – but unfortunately there is no such thing as perfect nutrition. Stress, how much or how little exercise, sleeping habits – all of this changes our daily need for nutrients. For this reason, Prof. Weinstabl developed PHYTOPOWER: the all-in-one supplement for active people and athletes as well as for people over 40 years of age.