PHYTOPOWER products are nutritional support with an intelligent nutrient matrix – a very good solution for giving the body what it urgently needs and all too often lacks in today’s diet.

High-quality dietary supplements (NEM) are not only important, healthy and almost irreplaceable – they are simply practical.

PHYTOPOWER Daily Balance - nutrient complex






Phytonutrients play a crucial role as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory—both important for a healthy body. Oxidation damages cell membranes in the human body and also appears to be the root cause of the progression of both chronic diseases such as osteoarthritis, atherosclerosis, diabetes and cancer, as well as signs of aging such as decreasing skin tone and slower cognitive abilities.

Fruits and vegetables are generally among the main suppliers of secondary phytonutrients – although they are still classified as “non-essential nutrients” in conventional medicine, they still appear to play an important role in optimal health.


In recent years, Prof. Dr. Wine bar with nutritional supplements – obvious. After all, based on his decades of experience as a surgeon, he knows pretty well what the human body needs and all too seldom gets from the “normal” diet.

And this is how PHYTOPOWER SPORT ACTIVE and PHYTOPOWER DAILY BALANCE came about – two indispensable daily companions. SPORT ACTIVE – particularly recommended for athletes and physically active people and DAILY BALANCE – particularly recommended for people over 40 years of age.

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Weinstabl

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Weinstabl

Who is Prof.Dr. Reinhard WEINSTABL…?

What do Steffi Graf, Mika Häkkinen and James Bond actor Roger Moore have in common with hundreds of others from all continents? They were all patients of star surgeon Prof. Dr. Reinhard Weinstabl. The boy from Waidhofen an der Ybbs, born on April 5, 1958, who had a dream, lived and lives. His operation of the German tennis icon Steffi Graf went through the world media in 1997, after which she again became number 3 in the world and won a Grand Slam tournament (Paris Roland Garros). Anyone who wants to order their book, read it and learn more about exciting stories from their life: “The Sport-Doc: The doctor the stars trust” – order from “” – price: €19.90 (incl. set VAT – plus shipping costs)

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Weinstabl - The Sports Doc

Intelligent nutrient matrix…

… specially selected and optimally coordinated phytonutrients, vitamins, trace elements and minerals

Life is long…

…our high-quality dietary supplements help you to stay active and fit – into old age

Nutritionally sound…

…the recipes are developed by Prof. Dr. Weinstabl and his team of food scientists, sports scientists and pharmacists

High quality…

…our raw materials are selected under particularly strict criteria and checked according to the highest quality standards – Phytopower made in Austria

For athletes…

…PHYTOPOWER SPORT ACTIVE is particularly recommended for physically active people and athletes

For everyone over 40…

…PHYTOPOWER DAILY BALANCE is particularly suitable for people over 40 years of age

Practical monthly pack…

…both products are sufficient (if you follow the recommended intake) for a whole month

Always available for you…

…either by email: or at: +43 1 8799399-12